The Global Language of Business
The Global Language of Business
Еlectronic commerce
The accelerated growth of e-commerce has forced platforms such as eMAG on a regional level and Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Google on a global scale to realize the importance of optimizing product catalogs by using GS1 standards as the main tool for unique product identification that are listed in them.
The adoption of GS1 identification in e-commerce platforms is a natural process, as it has been used by manufacturers and traders in traditional trade for more than 50 years and has established itself as global, standardized, unambiguous and unique in identifying products regardless of the sector .
E-commerce platforms choose to use GS1 product identification standards because:
GTINs are global and established in traditional retail and wholesale worldwide for over 50 years;

    Using a global standard greatly facilitates omnichannel commerce;

      The uniform method of issuing and managing GTINs prevents the possibility of duplication and conflict of information;

        GS1 provides reliable tools for checking the validity and authentication of product code ownership, incl. certificate and Verified by service;
        GS1 consultants in individual countries are available to users of the standards. A rich library of training courses and webinars is available;
        From the end of 2019 GS1 Bulgaria is in the official partnership with eMAG Bulgaria, which was initiated by GS1 Romania’s partnership with eMAG Romania and also extends to Hungary and Poland.
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