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Verification of barcode symbols
To ensure that the barcodes on your product labels can be read.
Barcode verification checks print quality, data structure and barcode dimensions, which have a direct impact on character readability and scan speed.
Verification is recommended at an early stage, even before the launch of a product on the market, and is a mandatory requirement of many business partners when starting business relationships, for example between retail chains and suppliers of goods.
Three-step verification
  • For an expert evaluation on the proper configuration of ID numbers and barcode placement on the label, please email a sample label.
  • ability and scan speed. Verification is recommended at an early stage, even before the launch of a product on the market, and is a mandatory requirement of
Samples and requests for verification can be sent to:

GS1 Bulgaria

1058 Sofia, 9 Iskar St

Т: +359 2 8117 439

The quality of the barcode depends on the color combination of the dash-light strip, compliance with the permissible dimensions, the printing technology and the packaging material. When the verification is done on packages that are not full, it should be taken into account that after they are filled, it is possible that this affects the contrast in the strokes or leads to a change in the shape of the barcode.
  • Traditional method
The traditional method considers two parameters: average size deviation and printing contrast.
  • ISO method (ISO/IEC 15416)
This method evaluates the quality of the symbol with a score ranging from 4 (highest) to 0 (lowest) based on how close the verified barcode is to the ideal.
Compared to the ISO method, the GS1 specifications specify minimum acceptable verification scores depending on the area of application of the barcode. For example, EAN-13 requires a minimum rating of 1.5 (C) when scanning a commercial cash register.
At the customer’s request, a technical report can be issued containing information on the performed inspection, evaluation of the quality of the barcode symbol and recommendations for improving the quality of printing, if applicable.
How much does it cost?

For members of GS1 Bulgaria

The first 5 verifications are free. Each subsequent 40 BGN/ protocol (without VAT)

For all other companies

BGN 100/protocol (without VAT) for 1 to 5 items;

BGN 80/protocol (without VAT) for more than 5 copies;

БаркодСимволите могат-1
Barcode symbols can be scanned at all points, regardless of the type of scanners
There is no possibility of fines, blacklisting or rejection of products by trading partners due to poor marking quality
Timely quality control prevents product relabelling/repackaging
Повишава се доверието-1
Confidence between trading partners increases
Lost sales are reduced when every product can be scanned
For more information and assistance: +359 2 811 74 39.