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The Global Language of Business
Generate barcode symbols

For GS1 Bulgaria members who have difficulty with the technical generation of barcode symbols, GS1 Bulgaria offers this type of service.

Symbol generation through product catalog BG Barcode
Companies that have filled in data about their products at can download a .png barcode symbol of the desired product. The functionality is free and guarantees a correctly generated symbol. Information on how to fill in your product data can be found here.
Barcode symbols can also be generated in .eps format upon request from the company. Please send a list of barcode numbers for which to generate barcode symbols.

For members of GS1 Bulgaria

For all other companies

BGN 5/pc. without VAT

(5 free)

BGN 10/pc. without VAT

Advantages of GS1 generated barcode symbols
Спазване на стандартите-2
Adherence to coding standards (including choosing the correct barcode according to the product ID and application)
Спазване на изисквания за размери-1
Compliance with size requirements
Използване на професионален софтуер-1
Use of professional software
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