The Global Language of Business
The Global Language of Business
The GS1 International Organization is the official provider of GS1 GTIN / Barcodes worldwide. Whether you sell in stores, online or both, in Bulgaria the right place to turn for barcodes is GS1 Bulgaria, which is one of the 116 national organizations representing GS1 in individual countries.
GS1 has been helping companies identify their products since the first barcode was used in 1973. When you receive a barcode from GS1 Bulgaria, you can be sure that it uniquely identifies your product both online and in retail stores worldwide world.

Simple steps to getting your Barcodes!

1. How many barcodes will you need?

To determine the number of barcode numbers you will need, you should be aware that a unique barcode is required for each individual product and variant of a product. An item can have different variants of color, size, aroma, taste and others, which must be identified with unique identification codes.
If you plan to sell your products in a unitized commercial unit, such as a package, box, carton, you will need additional numbers.
The example will help you estimate how many numbers you need.
Колаж брой гтин-crop
If the number of GTIN numbers received is close to the limit of the capacities offered by GS1 Bulgaria, we recommend that you request the next largest number in order to have free identification numbers for future products.

2. Registration in GS1 Bulgaria

After you have determined how many numbers you will need, you can familiarize yourself with the registration steps, the tariff and the governing documents (Statute and Internal Rules of GS1 Bulgaria).
When the received numbers run out, you can request new ones.

3. Create your barcodes

Create and activate your (barcode) numbers by filling in product data in the BG Barcode product catalog.
Main attributes including barcode (GTIN), trademark, product name, link to product image, classification, net content, unit of measure will be shared with GS1 global platform of registries, where leading retail chains and online stores verify the authenticity of products by their barcode.

Additional benefits of GS1 Bulgaria membership


Generate barcode symbols


Barcode Symbol Verifications (5 Free)


Product photography/360° (5 free)


Consultations, trainings and seminars


Digital product information

Why barcode from GS1?