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Product photography
What is product photography?
Quality product photography is an essential element in building a competitive vision for any company. Take advantage of GS1 Bulgaria’s product photography service.
Benefits of product photography
Matching the needs of your trading partners
Captured image quality and sizes meet industry standards, satisfying the needs of your business partners.
Special Laboratory
GS1 Bulgaria has a specially equipped laboratory for the creation of quality photos, multiple views and high-resolution images, 360-degree images (24 images).
Comfortable and flexible
Photos can be provided to you via email or digitally. If you have already entered data about your products in the Product Catalog, you can add the images of the captured products and give them visibility.
We offer competitive prices for our photography services and savings from
  • Our photos adhere to color, light and general photo quality requirements;
  • Photos may be used for marketing purposes, web promotions, advertising your site and more;
  • Product photography is an important and essential addition to your Product Catalog;

Members of GS1 Bulgaria


BGN 5/photo without VAT

(5 free photos)

BGN 10/photo without VAT

BGN 30/pc. without VAT

(5 free 360° images)

BGN 200 without VAT

for 360° images

You can send or bring the products to be photographed at the GS1 Bulgaria office. After the photos are accepted, the items are taken back or sent at the recipient’s expense within 2 weeks after the photos are sent.
Products must not weigh more than 30 kg for the photos and 25 kg for the 360 degree filming.
For more information and assistance: +359 2 811 74 39.