The Global Language of Business
The Global Language of Business
The safety of the end user and the improvement of the quality of service are important for the operation of the organization. GS1 barcode marking is successfully used by various mobile applications.
In 2014, the first mobile application for checking the legitimacy of barcodes, BG Barcode, was launched. The app is developed for the two most common platforms Android & iOS and can be downloaded for free from both platforms – Google Play and App Store. Periodic updating of the application ensures its operation on new devices, as well as adding functionalities to improve the quality of the user experience.
BG Barcode allows, by scanning the barcode, to obtain information about the company that owns the trademark, additional information about the product, in the case of food products – nutritional value and allergens. Additional functionality allows customization of the application, with the user specifying the allergens to which he has an intolerance. After scanning the barcode of the product, the application alerts about the content of the relevant allergen.
For products starting with 380, the application displays product data if the information is entered in the Product Catalog. If the barcode is illegitimate, the application provides an opportunity to send a signal to GS1 Bulgaria in order to take the necessary measures to eliminate the detected irregularity.
For barcodes not starting with 380 issued by other GS1 National Organizations, the application references and displays information from the international GEPIR registry.
The last updated version of the BG Barcode mobile application is from July 2022 and has been downloaded over 23 thousand times.

To access the app, scan here: