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Unique identifier of a legal entity LEI code
Security and peace of mind with GS1’s LEI code services
GS1 Bulgaria is the official Registration Agent of GS1 AISBL for issuing and renewing the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI code), which is accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) as an operational representation, LOU.

Legal Entity Identifier LEI

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LEI is a unique code for unambiguous identification of legal entities participating in financial instruments markets on a global scale. The aim is to improve the measurement and monitoring of systemic risk and to support the more cost-effective implementation of regulatory reporting requirements.
The structure of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is defined in the ISO 17442:2012 standard. The LEI consists of 20 characters:
  • The first four digits identify the local operating unit (LOU) that issued the number;
  • The next 12 characters consist of numbers and letters. The combination is unique to the legal entity;
  • The fifth and sixth positions are reserved and must always be 0;
  • The last two digits are control;
Each LEI code is linked to a set of data that becomes publicly available in the GLEIF database:
  • Official name of the legal entity or of the fund manager;
  • Registry name and registration number;
  • Headquarters of the main structure or of the fund manager;
  • ISO country code (eg BG);
  • Date of initial issue of the LEI;
  • Date of last modification of saved information;
  • LEI renewal deadline;
Step 1:
You need to register in the LEI Direct system here.
Please fill in the required fields and submit your registration. You will receive a confirmation email.
Note: If you do not receive a return email immediately, please check your junk/spam folder for one.
Step 2:
It is necessary to log in to your user profile and apply for one or more LEI codes, or to renew the term for those already issued.
The LEI Services section is a data management control center for your data and LEI codes.
Through the profile, you can also transfer an LEI code provided by another provider to GS1.
LEI direct
If you have questions related to the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), please send your inquiry to .
Valid from July 06, 2021 (Prices are exclusive of VAT).
Option to prepay the LEI code renewal fee for a period of 2 or 4 years respectively. Benefits include:
  • Better price on an annual basis;
  • Reduction of possible accounting errors and the number of payments;
  • There is no need to remember the renewal date;
Additional services:
  • Issuance of LEI PDF Certificate for a period of 1 year EUR 19.00;
LEI profile change and LEI transfer are free of charge.
The annual service fee for the use of LEI includes a fee for maintaining the global LEI system (GLEIS contribution). This fee is used to fund GLEIF as a central institution. The current fee, GS1 pays directly to GLEIF. Legally independent organizations and organizations with independent accounting (from industry, trade, service sector, etc.) are obliged to pay the specified fee.
If you have any questions related to the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), please send your inquiry by email –
LEI code users can obtain an official Certificate. It contains company details, the unique LEI code, a QR code for verification on the official GLEIF website and the validity period. The price for issuing the Certificate is 19 euros and can be requested when applying for a new LEI or when requesting a renewal.
Apply for an LEI code