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The Global Language of Business
About us
GS1 is an international non-profit organization that coordinates the development and maintenance of the most widely used standards for supply chains in various sectors worldwide. The creation of new and updating of existing standards is initiated by the companies themselves and is carried out within a defined standards development process.
The most recognizable of the standards is the GS1 barcode, which has been identified by the BBC as “one of the 50 things that built the world economy”.
Today, GS1 standards improve efficiency, safety and transparency along supply chains in more than 25 sectors, including omni-channel commerce, healthcare, transport and logistics, catering, tech industry and more.
Колаж данни цифри България
The organization is represented in individual countries through local national organizations based in 116 countries. Over 2 million companies use GS1 standards in their daily work. More than 6 billion barcodes are scanned worldwide every day.
GS1 National Organizations advise companies on implementing the standards and improving their business processes. They are further grouped by region:
  • North America;
  • Latin America and Mexico;
  • Europe (formerly Western, Central and Eastern);
  • MEMA (Middle East and Mediterranean);
  • Asia and the Pacific;
and have their own forums for discussing issues specific to their respective regions.
GS1 Bulgaria is a non-profit association that is a member of the International GS1 organization and the regional GS1 in Europe. With its activity, the Association provides Bulgarian companies with access to the global GS1 system of standards
Some of the activities of the GS1 Bulgaria Association are:
  • Licenses GS1 Company Prefixes and Unique Identification Numbers that begin with Bulgaria prefix 380 as defined by GS1 AISBL;
  • Monitors the uniqueness of provided identification numbers;
  • Publishes the provided identification numbers on the website of the Association and on the GS1/GEPIR Global Platform of Registers;
  • Maintains a database of its members;
  • Organizes seminars, thematic trainings and conferences, and provides consultations on application of the standards;
  • As a neutral partner, it helps to coordinate the activities of implementing the GS1 standards in Bulgaria.;
In 2021, GS1 Bulgaria celebrated 30 years of application of the standards in Bulgaria. You can read more about the history and development of the Association in the anniversary brochure 30 years.