The Global Language of Business
The Global Language of Business
Today, commerce faces extraordinary challenges in terms of supply chains and the growing power of end users.
Whether online or in-store, GS1 barcodes provide reliable data for retailers and brands, helping businesses large and small.
GS1 standards and services enable unique product identification as well as reliable, complete and accurate data sharing. Better data means better service.
Digitization and standardization
GS1 has a long history in retail and the ubiquitous “beep” of the GS1 barcode is heard over 6 billion times daily at store checkouts worldwide. A new challenge for businesses is that they must ensure that the products they sell are represented in the digital world as well as they are in the physical world.
Therefore, GS1 is partnering with stakeholders to create a more robust foundation for product data that is built on the unique identity of products. This ensures a constant flow of reliable information and increases transparency in operations between retailers and brand owners.