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Product catalog BG Barcode
Become part of a trusted database for storing and sharing product information
The electronic catalog BG Barcode allows companies, members of GS1 Bulgaria – manufacturers and owners of trademarks – to enter, store and share information about their products with end users, trading partners, retail chains, online platforms, regulatory authorities and others, through a single portal and with minimal effort.
When creating the catalog, the instructions for building secure databases were followed. BG Barcode enables better management of the used identification numbers. The catalog monitors for a free consecutive number within the provided capacity of identification numbers, automatically calculates the correct check digit and offers the possibility to generate the technical barcode symbol.
We recommend that you fill in information about the products you have tagged with a barcode starting with 380 and become part of a trusted database for storing and sharing product information.
Together we can make shopping for end users more interesting and easy. For them, product information is becoming increasingly necessary when making a purchase. By scanning the barcode on the product, they will be able to read the label more easily, and why not get additional information.
The product catalog is synchronized with the GS1 Global Register of GTIN numbers (GS1 Global GTIN Register) and with the Unified Trade Register of the BTCP.
The information in BG Barcode is filled in by authorized persons of manufacturers and trademark owners, which guarantees quality, credibility and reliability of the data. A necessary condition is that the barcode of the product starts with 380.
The data entry effort is rewarded by increased consumer trust in the brand, wide availability of information and curbing counterfeit products.
Main attributes including barcode (GTIN), trademark, product name, link to product image, classification, net content and unit of measure are shared with GS1 global platform of registries, where leading retail chains and online stores verify the authenticity of products by their barcode.
Product information in BG Barcode can be entered automatically. You can download the appropriate template for your items.

Food template

Template for non-food products

Template textiles and shoes

More information on how to fill in data for your products can be found in the short Guide for working with BG Barcode.
If you are a trading partner, a chain, a developer of online platforms or mobile applications, a regulatory body, etc., and you need reliable product information, BG Barcode is the right place where you will get reliable information quickly and easily. To do this, you need to register on the BG Barcode platform, which contains more than 80,000 products and their number is increasing daily.
After registering, you get access to basic information and the ability to search for free. You need a license to download and use the information. You can see the types of licenses in the table below.
Screenshot Licenses
The announced prices include VAT.
Search for a product in BG Barcode using the advanced product search form here.