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Fresh foods
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The FMCG sector is facing serious challenges, including delivery of fresh and fresh products, safety of end users, good management of food waste, ensuring traceability along the entire “farm to fork” chain. Efficiency and safety are key. In addition to this, the products of this group have their specificities, which require refinement of the standards used in the other categories of products.
Leading food industry manufacturers, traders, trade and consumer associations work together within the GS1 Fresh Foods Industry Group to improve the identification of fresh food products through the introduction of global standards. Using a standardized approach helps to increase food safety and ensure traceability, as well as improve the efficiency of business processes for the entire industry.
Important for food manufacturers
With version 7 of the international food safety standard IFS Food, from 1 July 2021 companies from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Great Britain must specify the GS1 GLN (Global Location Number) when certifying.
The Global Location Number (GLN) serves to identify the company as a legal entity and/or its functional and physical units (branch, department, warehouse, ramp, etc.). The GLN is actively used in electronic data exchange (according to the GS1 EDI standard) between trading partners, serving for the exact identification of individual structural units involved in trade relations.
Member companies of GS1 Bulgaria, which have a company prefix license and mark their goods with a barcode, also have GLN numbers.
For more information on how to form the GLN numbers of their locations and production bases that are subject to IFS Food certification, companies can contact GS1 Bulgaria for a free consultation. Those who do NOT have a GS1 company prefix or unit number can apply to receive:
1) company prefix license with a capacity of 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 numbers, respectively;
2) a package of 10 GLN numbers;
3) single GLN number;
GEPIR is a GS1 global registry that contains basic data about companies and their locations (including production bases, warehouses, ramps, etc.) and their GLN numbers. The register makes it possible to check whether the GLN in a given IFS certificate actually belongs to the respective company.
Your GLN is active in GEPIR while the company maintains its membership in GS1/GS1 Bulgaria.
Have a GLN and want to use it for IFS certification?
IFS Food е стандарт за безопасност на храните, въведен от Асоциацията на германските и френските търговци на едро на храни през 2003 г. и е признат от Глобалната инициатива за безопасност на храните (GFSI). IFS унифицира изискванията към производителите по отношение на безопасността на храните и цели да осигури прозрачност по цялата верига на производството и доставката им. Стандартът надгражда принципите на системата НАССР.
Сертификацията по IFS Food е задължителна за преработватели и пакетировачи на храни.
GLN for IFS certification in three steps
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