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Identification of patients and staff
Identification of patients
GS1 standards enable unique identification of patients and hospital staff and reliable traceability throughout patient treatment and care. Their use increases patient safety and improves hospital staff efficiency.
GS1 Global Service Relation Number (GSRN) – a global identifier for a relationship between the provider and the recipient of the service.
GS1 2D DataMatrix баркод – encodes the GSRN and is printed on a patient wristband. After scanning the place where the examination or other intervention of the patient is carried out (on the hospital bed, laboratory, doctor’s office or other) it enables an automatic connection with the patient’s electronic record and reflection of the performed activities in real time.

In this way, everything from admission to discharge of the patient can be covered, incl. medication intake, side effects, test results, surgical interventions, use of implantable devices and more, and besides creating a detailed record of the patient’s condition, a more accurate calculation of hospital costs can be made.

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Benefits of patient identification
Safety for the patient
Accurate patient identification at every intervention
Traceability of medical devices, drugs, assets and other products or manipulations to the correct patient
Real-time data update
Observations and results can be entered and updated in real time in the electronic patient record
Improved results
Improved monitoring of patient outcomes and patient-level costing (PLIC)
Identification of medical personnel
The personnel identification card includes a GS1 DataMatrix barcode in which information about the person is encoded. This can be, but is not limited to, full name, title, department, however stated, whether they are employed on a permanent contract or a trainee, etc.
Identification is used wherever it is necessary for the medical person to authenticate himself, such as during surgical interventions, when taking blood, when controlling physical access to the database of the hospital facility, when examining or when dosing drugs for patients.
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Advantages of personnel identification
Safety for the patient
By carrying out checks to confirm the identity of the hospital specialist before performing a procedure
Saving time
Hospital staff can easily enter clinical data at the point of care, thus freeing up time for the actual patient examination.
Resource management
The availability of systematized information (in a database) about hospital staff, their employment and relationship with a specific patient, greatly relieves managers in their allocation.
Storage of records
Patient records are updated in real-time with clinical data, allowing the integrity of client information to be maintained.
Improved cost allocation
Recording more data during a given procedure allows for a more accurate calculation of the relevant costs for it.
Security for staff
Accurate recording and more accurate reporting of all emergency personnel.