The Global Language of Business
The Global Language of Business
Identification of locations
Using the GS1 Global Location Number (GLN) improves supply chain efficiency, patient safety and process transparency.
Global Location Number (GLN) is a unique set of numbers that uniquely identifies suppliers, manufacturers, hospitals and their divisions, incl. wards, hospital rooms, pharmacies, hospital warehouse, that even a separate storage cell in a warehouse.
Types of GLN numbers
Legal entity
Identification of a business location (eg manufacturer, supplier, hospital or institution) that can legally enter into agreements or contracts.
Functional unit
An organizational unit or department identified by its specific task, e.g. bills or public procurement.
Physical location
An identification of a location that can be represented by an address, coordinates, or other means.
Digital location
Identification of an electronic (non-physical) address that is used for communication between computer systems.
Why use GLN?
GLN helps streamline processes from order to payment, which increases supply efficiency.
When used in conjunction with Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), GLN facilitates electronic ordering and delivery of the right products at the right time and place. Products can be tracked easily from the place of production to the place of delivery or use.
How does GLN work?
The Legal Entity Identifier, GLN, prevents confusion by similarity or misunderstanding of the exact name of a company and helps to properly distinguish one company from another.
Information about each issued GLN is stored in a Global Registry, where the data for the identified location is in a single standardized format and should be accurate and up-to-date.
Benefits of location management
Patient care
Real-time tracking of the places in the hospital facility through which a given patient passes within the framework of the ongoing treatment.
Removal products
Defective or expired products can be quickly and easily recalled from any location.
Track deliveries throughout the supply chain to the final point of delivery.
Delays in deliveries are prevented, through greater efficiency in processing orders and making contact with the right supplier, as well as building mutual trust.
Asset Tracking
Real-time asset location tracking so you know where your equipment is when you need it.
Infection control
Enables effective infection prevention and control by tracking patient contact points.

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