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The Global Language of Business
Get licensed EAN codes for inclusion in eMAG
GS1 AISBL is an international not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains the most widely used product identification and barcode marking standards (sometimes the terms used in practice are UPC code for the US and Canada, and EAN code for the rest of the world, but since 2005 year after the merger of the European and American organizations into a global one, the concept of GTIN (Global Trade Unit Number)) gradually prevailed. In order to make the process of obtaining unique numbers easier and more accessible, and for users to receive timely advice on using the standards, the organization operates through local representations in 114 countries, called GS1 National Organizations.
To avoid language barriers, time differences, invoicing peculiarities or other procedural barriers, we recommend that you contact the national GS1 organization in the country where the company you represent is registered or the language in which you wish to be registered is used. For Bulgaria, it is the GS1 Bulgaria Association.
According to GS1 AISBL antitrust rules, codes (GTIN / GS1 license) to identify your products can be obtained from any GS1 National Organization, regardless of the country in which the company is registered.
eMAG requests codes received in the GS1 licensed system and checks their authenticity, basic product and company information in the GEPIR register.
GS1 and its national offices in the countries are the authority that issues, manages and guarantees the uniqueness of GS1 product identification codes.
Codes received directly from GS1 are registered together with the name of the products and the companies behind these products in a global registry GEPIR, where eMAG, Amazon, eBay, GoogleShop and others verify the authenticity of the codes.
Codes obtained from third parties are not guaranteed to be unique and valid worldwide, as they are not managed in a uniform manner as offered by GS1.
IMPORTANT! In Bulgaria, the representative of the GS1 Global Organization is the GS1 Bulgaria Association with the GS1 prefix of the country 380! The codes issued by GS1 Bulgaria start with 380 and are followed by a company number, an article number and a check digit.
For those active in the field of online sales, with the decision of the General Assembly of the GS1 Bulgaria Association, preferential conditions have been set, which include a discount of 30% of the introductory membership fee. Thus, upon registration, sellers in electronic platforms such as eMAG should pay 70% of the introductory membership fee specified in the GS1 Bulgaria tariff. From the second and subsequent years of using the license, only the annual fee is paid, according to the current tariff of GS1 Bulgaria.
When choosing a block of numbers, the assortment of the company should be taken into account and that for each variety of a given product, incl. package size, a separate identification code is required (GTIN Determination Rules). Any change to the packaging and contents of the product that has an impact from a logistical or commercial point of view requires the determination of a new product code (GTIN).
For example, a men’s cotton shirt that comes in four sizes (S, M, L, XL), each of which has five color options (white, black, blue, green, red) would require a total of 20 codes. If this shirt is also available in a women’s version, with the same sizes and colors, an additional 20 GTINs will be required. If you sell the product in combinations of one shirt of each size, same color in one package, or one shirt of each color, same size in one package, or any other combination you could form, a different unique identifier is required.
To register, you can visit the office of GS1 Bulgaria at the address: 1058 Sofia, Iskar St. 9. For your convenience, you can register electronically at the address:
First step: Registration of a user profile in the GS1 Bulgaria system is required. In case you do not have an account yet, click on the “Login for members” icon and select the Create user profile option. A page is loaded where you need to enter basic contact details of the individual representing the company. Once done, press the “Register” button. You will receive an email to confirm your registration. Second step: Company registration as an associate member of GS1 Bulgaria. Log in to the user profile and select the “Register company” option. The process takes place in several steps.

  • Enter general information about the company (form of management, name in Bulgarian and English, subject of activity).
  • Enter data for the managing person (manager, executive director or another option from the drop-down list).
  • Enter data for issuing an invoice.
  • A mailing address is indicated (the address may be the same as the registration address or another).
  • Enter company contact details (phone numbers, email).
  • Applying for a number – choosing an option from the menu. The possibilities are the following:
    • blocks of numbers 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000. When choosing a block of numbers, it is necessary to enter the turnover of the company for the previous calendar year and apply the Income and Expenditure Statement (IPR) to determine the amount of the initial installment. If the company applies after September of the respective year, it can indicate the income from the nine months of the current year. Newly established companies do not submit ODA.
    • unit number GTIN–13
    • GTIN-8 unit number
    • single GLN
    • pack of 10 pieces GLN.


Note: GLN numbers serve to identify the company as a legal entity or its physical locations. They are not used to identify products and logistic units/shipments.

  • Confirmation: The entered data is displayed in a systematic form on the screen. Changes can be made by going back before pressing the “Confirm” button.
  • Completion of registration: It is necessary to accept the General Terms and Conditions of GS1 Bulgaria. Successful completion of registration leads to the generation of three documents in the company profile:
    • Membership Application,
    • Registration card,
    • A letter from the manager to GS1 Bulgaria, in which the authorized person is indicated.
  • For companies that apply for a block of numbers, in addition to the documents cited above, an Income and Expenditure Statement (RSP) is applied.
  • The documents must be printed, signed and stamped by the manager of the company, and then sent together with the completed discount application to the Association’s address: 1058 Sofia, 9 Iskar Street or scanned to e-mail, or attached as attached documents in the company profile in the system.
  • Download proforma for introductory fee: After receipt and processing of the documents by the GS1 Bulgaria administrator, a proforma invoice with the included discount is sent and uploaded to the company profile in the “Accounting documents” section. When paying the introductory fee, the proforma number is indicated.
  • Number Activation: Issued ID numbers can be used when the business status changes to ‘Active’. Each product number is registered in the BG Barcode product catalog by selecting the Add new product functionality in the company profile.