On 02.11.2022, a round table was held on the topic: “EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCT DATA. A global solution for traders and manufacturers in Bulgaria”. The event was organized by GS1 Bulgaria under the auspices of the BCCI. It was attended by representatives of leading retail chains and their suppliers, experts from the German company atrify and GS1 Austria. Welcome to the participants and official opening was made by Tsvetan Simeonov, Chairman of the Board of the BCCI and Chairman of GS1 Bulgaria.

The roundtable program included a presentation of the Global Data Synchronization Network, GDSN and the EComGrid solution for Bulgaria. During the discussion at the end of the round table, the participants discussed the interest and possibilities for implementing the service, as well as what challenges the use of EComGrid would face in our country.

GDSN is a network of interoperable databases and enables the synchronization of product master data between trading partners quickly, easily, securely and with high data quality. If the initially provided data changes, the update is done automatically with internal network messages on all sales channels.

The benefits of data synchronization can be systematized into three categories, namely product data cleanup, process optimization, and cost reduction. Product content is needed both in the supply chain for transportation, product organization and management, and in e-commerce to drive sales by providing complete and accurate information to end users and not least to fulfill regulatory and regulatory requirements . Immediate benefits of using GDSN are improved user experience, increased efficiency of processes, saving time and effort, faster arrival of new products to the market, reduction of violations related to certain regulatory requirements.

The service is available in Bulgaria from February 2021. It is suitable for both large and small and medium-sized companies. But using it, as an important roundtable message, to its full potential and maximum effectiveness requires community engagement and widespread implementation.

In the face of atrify, Bulgarian companies can count on the rich practical experience of one of the world’s leading companies in the development of certified databases as part of the global data synchronization network. GS1 Bulgaria experts are trained to provide 1st level of service when working with EComGrid, as well as to assist in coordinating the actions of interested parties when implementing the service in Bulgaria.

For more information, you can contact us at gs1bulgaria@gs1bg.org or at 02/8117 439, 567, 611.