What is barcode verification


Barcode verification measures the likely scanning performance of the barcodes.

The fundamental reason for submitting products for bar code verification is to save time, money and build stronger, more profitable relationships with trading partners by ensuring barcodes scan first time every time. 

Risks you run if you do not verify your barcodes.

Some retailers/distributors are increasingly intolerant towards poor quality barcodes. This is

what you risk if your barcodes do not scan: 

  • The trading partner might refuse your products 
  • You might incur fines 
  • You lose credibility with your trading partner 
  • You might have to re-print the barcodes on your products, thus incurring in additional costs 

Why scannable barcodes are important for retailers & distributors 

Over 5 million barcodes are scanned worldwide everyday. If the barcode on your packaging does not scan, the data would have to be entered manually. This will lead to: 

  • Delay 
  • Errors (incorrect inventory data, wrong price lookup.) 
  • Inaccuracy in the supply chain (warehouse, replenishment) 
  • Lost man-hours 
  • Poor Customer Service at Checkouts (queues build-up) 
  • Frustration by staff trying to scan over and over again 

This can happen at any point in the supply chain: warehouse, distribution centre, transport, retail store, check-out …at any time.

Help to prevent this by having your barcodes verified BEFORE they enter the supply chain.

Good quality barcodes enables rapid and accurate data collection which is the basis for an efficient supply chain management. Poor quality barcodes undermines the benefits of a barcode based system and puts a tremendous strain on the customer & supplier relationship.

They can also prove very expensive in terms of packaging redesign and rejected products. 


Barcode verification service 

GS1 Head Office offers barcode verification as part of the services provided to all its GS1 company prefix licencees. Send us (preferably by post) the barcodes printed on your final samples before you go for bulk printing. 

We will test them according to a large number of parameters for compliance to the internationally accepted GS1/ISO standards. If there are any inaccuracies, we will tell you how to correct them.

Ideally you should send us samples of the actual product with the barcode printed on it. In case of cartons, you can send them to us flattened. If possible, avoid sending the labels alone. This is to ensure proper barcode placement, size, colour, etc.. 

What does verification involve? Verification is about: 

  • Decoding the barcode symbol
  • Visually inspecting the symbol to ensure the proper barcode layout and placement on the package

      Measuring all key aspects of the barcode symbol (magnification, quiet zones..)


Scanning is NOT verification


Scanning your barcodes does not equal verification.

There are many different kinds of scanners in use around the world and different scanners can give you different results.

A scanner can not alone determine the quality of a printed barcode. A scanner can either scan a barcode or reject it. But if it rejects the barcode, it will not explain why. Only a barcode verifier can do this.

A verifier can evaluate the barcode accurately on criteria like print contrast, magnification, light margins, bar width. It can diagnose the problem and propose how to improve the quality of your barcodes. No guess work, no repeated rejections by your trading partners.

This is because verifiers check the quality of the printed barcode against key parameters defined by international standards. 

Remember: Scanners are designed to read, verifiers are designed to measure.


Benefits of good quality barcodes 

  • Your barcodes will scan in almost all scanning environments regardless of the scanner type. 
  • Your barcodes and thus your products will be accepted both at home and abroad. 
  • You will not have to recall your products in order to reprint the packaging. 
  • No penalties, blacklists or product delisting from retailers. 
  • You build enduring and trust based relationships with your trading partners. 
  • Verification ensures every partner in the supply chain that your barcodes will scan. 
  • Reduces loss of sales as the products are always available for scanning. 
  • Scannable barcodes enable accurate, real time stock management.


The barcode samples should be sent to: 

GS1 Bulgaria

1058 Sofia, Iskar Str.9


Т: +359 2 8117 439