Food IT-Solutions is a software company specializing in automation of administrative, logistical and production related business processes.


Our clients are production and distribution companies operating in the food industry like slaughterhouses, meat plants, bakeries, vegetables production, … .


Food IT-Solutions is an important player in this field, and is active in  Belgium and abroad (UK, France, South-East – & Central Europe).


Our software is named IC-trace.

IC-trace is a complete, integrated software solution for logistics automation and traceability, inside all food producing and/or food distributing companies.

Contact person: Ivaylo Draganov

Address: Blvd. Al. Stamboliiski 84, Urban Bulding, Floor 12, office 61

1303 Sofia, Bulgaria

T: 087 85 81 838

    02 445 02 24 – 26

F: 02 445 02 27


Web site: