Em Two En is a company creating integrated informational systems attending to bussiness. It has its own software product – I C M I /Integrated Configurations Multiple Interfaces/ which is realised as a platform /basis/ and a number of configurations adapted to the relevant bussiness – manufacture, trade, restaurants, hotels, specialized configurations. In the process of building the client’s informational system, management of various periferal units is provided – fiscal units, barcode printers, ESC – POS printers, electronical scales, barcode readers, datacollectors, specialized microprocessing industrial devices. Complete integration of the existing client’s software is realized. Consultations are accomplished and are given recommendations for realizing the barcode technology in the client’s bussiness, also in trade and to the technology of manufacturing processes.

Contact person: Miroslav Nikolov

Address: Mladost 1

T: +359 886 446 370

E: m2n.icmi@gmail.com