AZ Software is a software and consulting company that offers qualified consultancy, design, implementation, training and support of enterprise software solutions. It develops both its own products and customized products for other software companies.

AZ Software is the authorized partner of the French companies LITIS SAS andAGENA 3000.

AZ Software is exclusive distributor in Bulgaria, Balkans and Russia for the products of Agena 3000 GENEDI (EDI), GENACOD (ERP) and GENFI (PIM-Product information management), which form a the complete IT solution for the business.


GENEDI – an integral EDI solutionis  a business translator certified by GS1 France with integrated script based on XML which offers fast multirouting translation between flat files (.txt, .csv, .rtf,..), EDI standard files(Edifact and its subsets, Gencod, Tradacom, …) and XML. GENEDI uses X-400 (Allegro, Atlas 400, Carrefour, GXS, IBM/GN) and Internet (Ftp, EDI-INT AS2) protocols for communication. GENEDI can also achieve solutions for Invoicing dematerialization (Electronic Invoicing).

600 companies already using GENEDI exchange fluently the most common electronic messages in standard in standard ЕАNCOM (ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC, INVRPT, PRODAT, DESADV, RECADV,INVRPT, HANMOV) with World wide retailers: CARREFOUR, TESCO, METRO, WALMART, GLOBUS …

Person to contact: Dimitar Stoyanov

Address: 1000 Sofia, 41 Parchevich Str. Fl.6 ap.10 ap.      

Phone: 02/9861635